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Ostim OSB Mahallesi 1265
Cadde no: 18, 06374


Our company is active in the fields of spine and brain surgery products. Our company has proved its product quality and its success in applications and it carries out the production of spinal group products of the leading companies in its sector.

Our mission

Our mission We are serving in the sector with the awareness that lasting success, high-tech product, experienced and dynamic team will be caught with fast service. All processes affecting success and product quality are continuously improved and customer satisfaction is ensured. Our main goal is full compliance with legal and regional legislation as well as a hundred percent customer satisfaction. Working knowledge, experience and latest technology are used in the medical sector in accordance with Customer and Legal requirements.

We will be awarded to become a leading company in the industry.

Our Vision

To provide high quality and reliable products to our customers. To be a reliable and big brand in the sector by providing customer satisfaction with the products offered. To be successful in Turkey, Asia and Europe by following the developments in the medical sector and achieving customer satisfaction by continuously improving all processes affecting product quality.

Our Policy and Targets

  • • Never compromising on quality, ethics and honesty with the awareness that the field of activity is human health,
  • • To have an understanding of excellence in every process of our products and services,
  • • To keep track of all developments in the sector with our entrepreneurial spirit, continuous research and to ensure industrialization through continuous AR-GE studies.
Ostim OSB Mahallesi 1265
Cadde no: 18, 06374

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